Every day, we provide architects and construction companies with the results of Onlywood’s experience to better understand and successfully execute their furniture projects.


Our professionals have access to a wide range of complete furnishings to draw from, allowing them to create consistently different and adaptable projects in any context. This enables the professionals who seek our services to directly utilize all the products from the leading design brands we represent.


Our team is available to propose unique and personalized solutions if the architect wishes to offer them to their client. The architects and interior designers who collaborate with us are always updated on the latest developments in the world of furnishings, encompassing materials, finishes, trends, and styles. We provide architects with qualified consultation in furniture selection and design, thus contributing to the project and helping them navigate among the various product configurations available in the market.


Thanks to our central location, our showroom is easily accessible, providing our clients with the opportunity to have a unique experience and discover the latest innovations in the world of design by being able to see and touch our products firsthand.


For the successful completion of a furnishing project, millimeter precision is essential. That’s why our architects are available to carry out on-site surveys and measurements, whether it’s a construction site or an existing building, using appropriate equipment.


Our clients can rely on our assistance for any issues that may arise, even long after the purchase. We provide qualified support for spare parts and furniture maintenance, with fast response times and the same level of care dedicated to every new project.

forniture arredamento per architetti


Our in-house team consists of highly specialized workers who are well-informed about the furniture they will be assembling. We can provide full assistance during the assembly phase, which is crucial for maximizing the project’s every detail. Our delivery and assembly team enables us to handle deliveries directly, always striving to accommodate our clients’ needs and timelines.