Onlywood is the official retailer of Fimar beds in Turin. Fimar is an Italian brand specializing in high-quality, design-oriented furniture, particularly known for producing beds that offer comfort, style, and durability. In our showroom, you can discover a wide selection of Fimar beds designed to meet every comfort need and enrich your bedroom with elegance. Fimar beds stand out for their craftsmanship, the use of premium materials, and attention to detail. Whether you’re looking for a double or single bed, upholstered or with modern structures, Fimar offers a variety of solutions that adapt to every interior design style. Each bed is designed to ensure restful sleep and a superior relaxation experience. Our team of experts will be at your service to provide personalized advice and guide you in choosing the Fimar bed that best suits your preferences and fits the dimensions of your space. Visit our showroom in Turin and discover the beauty and quality of Fimar beds, transforming your bedroom into a cozy and refined environment.


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