Arredamenti Onlywood is an authorized retailer of MisuraEmme home accessories.

Onlywood is a renowned home accessories retailer in Turin, specializing in the sale of high-quality products from the MisuraEmme brand. With years of experience in the interior design industry, Onlywood offers a wide range of furniture and designer accessories to meet every customer’s needs.

MisuraEmme is an Italian brand known for its contemporary and high-quality furniture, distinguished by attention to detail and craftsmanship. MisuraEmme products are made from top-quality materials and crafted with artisanal care, making them unique in their kind.

Onlywood is proud to be an official retailer of MisuraEmme products, offering its customers a wide selection of furniture and home accessories. The knowledgeable staff at Onlywood is always available to provide advice and assistance in choosing products that best suit their customers’ needs.

If you are looking for high-quality home accessories for your home, Onlywood is the right retailer for you. Visit our showroom to explore our collection of MisuraEmme products and be inspired by our team of design experts.


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