Arredamenti Onlywood is an authorized retailer of Twils beds.

If you’re looking for Twils beds in Turin, we invite you to visit our showroom at Corso Francia 35/e. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of upholstered textile beds, furnishings, and linens, all crafted following the latest trends in contemporary design.

Our range of Twils products offers cutting-edge aesthetic and functional solutions, catering to everyday practical needs. We prioritize the quality of our products and provide a wide range of shapes and colors to personalize your bedroom spaces.

We understand that the bed and its accessories are essential elements of comfort and quality for your home. That’s why we’ve chosen Twils as a manufacturer to ensure you the highest quality and the ability to customize every detail of your furnishings.

Moreover, our showroom offers you the opportunity to experience the quality of our products firsthand and speak with our industry experts. We are at your disposal to provide advice and suggestions on how to make your bedroom a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Contact us for information or request an assisted visit in our Showroom